Our coffee roasting company was founded in 1962, from the artisan passion of the Fantino brothers.

Our company production has always aimed at the most demanding palates, with the quality of our coffee blends and the customer service as our main objectives.

Over the years, manual roasting operations have given way to new and efficient technologies which guarantee the consistency of the product our customers love. However, our production processes remain closely linked to tradition. The slow roasting process of the single origins, the subsequent blending and finally the careful packaging, give life to coffee blends of the highest quality and great uniqueness.

Organoleptic and product tests are carried out on every production cycle, in order to ensure that each roasted bean gives the best organoleptic result.

These excellent results are proven by the daily feedback from our customers and partners, as well as important awards received in the sector.

Three of our best-selling coffee blends, in fact, won the gold medal at the "International Coffee Tasting", an important international coffee tasting competition.

The same care is taken in the production of ground coffees for families and in our compatible capsules and pods, which contain the same blends served in our coffee bars.

A coffee break in the office or at home becomes a satisfying moment, a gesture of love.

Our company takes care all-round of the BAR-CATERING sector, offering customers free operating courses in coffee making, coffee extraction, use and maintenance of professional equipment and milk creaming.

Sharing with our customers the latest news in the sector, the best extraction techniques and training the operators of the sector in the best possible way, allows us to guarantee the end consumer a perfect espresso, as the best Italian tradition requires.